Process Serving

Work carried out under Legal Aid

We charge £25.00 per hour and 45p/mile for all work carried out under Legal Aid.  Every visit is itemised on your invoice showing the time and date the visit was made along with the total hours spent and mileage undertaken in accordance with LSC rules.  We always look to get the job done as quickly and cheaply as possible but should we encounter difficulties in locating the target then we will complete a maximum of four visits then always report back to you for further instructions.  

Private clients: (not eligible for legal aid)  

Within a 15 mile radius of the Normanton area of West Yorkshire (WF6), the cost of serving documents is a fixed price.  We charge £100.00 (inclusive of all charges and VAT) for serving the documents and this includes the preparing and delivery of the statement of service back to you (or swearing of Affidavit if required).  See below for a list of areas this covers  (if you are unsure, feel free to call and we will clarify any areas not listed).  If the legal papers require serving in an area which is further than 15 miles away from Normanton then additional mileage will be added at a rate of 45p per mile.  Up to three visits will be carried out for this cost.  The details of the times and dates of each visit will be provided to you in a report. If you can provide information to assist in the best time the visits should be attempted this will help speed up service.  If after four visits we have not been able to serve the legal documents, then we will provide either a full report or an Affidavit of non-service, which ever is preferable.    A limit on costs can be agreed before any work is carried out if this is preferable.  

Any urgent matters, the first visit is attempted the same day the instructions are received.    

Areas covered within a 15mile radius of Wakefield under the fixed fee include:

Ackworth, Allerton Bywater, Barnsley, Batley, Beeston, Castleford, Crofton, Dewsbury, East Ardsley, Featherstone, Ferry Bridge, Fitzwilliam, Garforth, Havercroft, Hemsworth, Holbeck, Horbury, Hunslet, Kippax, Kinsley, Knottingley, Lofthouse, Leeds City Centre, Middleton, Middlestown, Morley, Normanton, Pontefract, Ossett, Outwood, Rothwell, Royston, South Elmsall, South Kirkby, South Milford, Swillington, Wakefield, Wrenthorpe, Upton.

 Investigations / Surveillance

Our costs are based on an hourly rate of £40 per hour and .45p per mile.  Limits may be agreed on the enquiry before we start if this is preferable.


The service we provide is no trace no fee service.  The cost to trace a witness within 5 working days is £120.  We provide a service whereby witnesses may be located quicker, please call for a quote as costs may vary.

 Statements / Photographs / RTA Enquiries

Enquiries are charged at £25/hour and 45p/mile.

All statements are carried out on a fixed fee basis of £85.00 within a 15 mile radius.  Further distances will be charged at the above rate.  If the witness refuses to provide the statement after being contacted, then a fixed fee of £50.00 is charged.