Private Investigations / Surveillance 

Heading the investigation work is an ex-police officer with 25 years service in the West Yorkshire police force.  This kind of knowledge is invaluable in the collection of information where discretion is paramount. All aspects of private investigation work can be carried out  and we can provide video evidence and sworn statements if required.  We can help put your mind at rest with professional and discreet surveillance.  The hardest part is admitting there may be a problem and contacting a private investigator.  Once you instruct us we will help in every way we can in obtaining the evidence needed to get to the truth.  

You can instruct us privately or through a solicitor.  

Cost limits can be placed on an enquiry before we start, which will not be exceeded before reporting back to you.  See our costs page for further details. The hourly rate for surveillance is £45 per hour and mileage set at 45p/mile.

Remember that it may take numerous sessions or attempts to glean the information you require.