Process Server Castleford

Are you in need of having legal papers served in the Castleford area?

Thornton Legal can help this. We have served in the area for over twenty five years, building up a well-deserved relationship, of trust and care with our clients. Whilst satisfying the needs of over thirty solicitors and legal agencies in the Castleford and the surrounding area.

If you wish to instruct us we require several details from you to aid in serving the papers. A description of the person to be served, address and best times to contact the appropriate individual that requires to be served.

Thornton Legal has become well versed in the field of serving documentation in the Castleford area; here are some reasons why you should go with Thornton legal for all your process serving:

  1. Many happy clients in the local area (see website for testimonials)
  2. Our local knowledge of the Castleford area, has granted us the knowledge of how to tailor our operations accordingly, for all our clients.
  3. Thornton legal can professionally negotiate the legal minefield, surrounding a number of procedures involving serving documentation in the Castleford area.
  4. Remember that if your serve your papers through normal contemporary channels, such as through Royal Mail. There is no indication or proof that they ever arrived.
We can either collect the papers from your office or you can post or email the papers to us.  Any urgent matters can be dealt with he same day they are received.

For more information about our process server Castleford service, please contact us.  you can also email us on