Thornton Legal Services are one of the most experienced process servers in Pontefract having built up over twenty five years of experience. Our excellent reputation has been achieved from successfully serving over ten thousand documents for a variety of proceedings. We have consistently achieved excellent results for the solicitors and local authorities that use our services on a regular basis.   

All documents we deal with in Pontefract and other areas, are dealt with in accordance with CPR rules.  We will always provide you with a statement of service (or Affidavit when required) in time for any return date.  We ask for as much information as possible before we endeavour to serve your documents (description, routine if possible etc) We can make the first attempt at service as soon as necessary, the same day if required on urgent matters.  

The documents can be collected from the court if necessary, or alternatively, posted or emailed to us.   

Reasons to use Thornton legal Services to serve you documents in Pontefract:

1 – Thornton Legal’s testimonial section proves how well accomplished we are at getting a Process Served in Pontefract

– Recorded delivery post does not guarantee the documents will not be sent back as “not known at this address” or “addressee gone away”.

3 – A friend or courier may encounter problems of the person refusing to sign the documents and Thornton Legal is experienced in over coming this problem.

4 – Our experience and local knowledge is very valuable in the cases we work on so you can trust us to get your documents served in Pontefract. 

5 – If you post documents there is no proof they were ever received.

References of our work as Process Servers in Pontefract are available on request. 

If you decide to instruct us to serve your documents in the Pontefract area, we are able to undertake work on legal aid rates where applicable.

Alternatively, we can work on a fixed fee basis.  For the Pontefract area, this is generally £100 depending on the area.  This is inclusive of VAT and all costs .  There is no additional cost for the statement of service.  .

For more details on getting your documents served in Pontefract and surrounding areas by Thornton Legal,  please call 01924 566409 or contact us via email at