Are you looking for a Process Server in Wakefield? If you are then Thornton Legal Services have twenty years experience working as Process Servers in Wakefield. Our reputation as one of the best Process Servers in Wakefield is built through repeat custom from over thirty solicitors and the local authority. We have successfully served over ten thousand documents for a range of proceedings and being based in Wakefield are Process Server work is carried to the surrounding area very successfully.

When a process is served by Thornton Legal it is served in accordance with CPR rules and always on time. Before the hearing in court an affidavit will be served confirming the date and time of the Process Serving. Acting as professional Process Servers in Wakefield has lead us to believe that having papers personally served makes the respondent / defendant take the case more seriously. Before our visit we will require information about the best time of day to visit and a detailed description to help us identify the target. We always deliver documents promptly, in line with Civil Procedure rules and within twelve hours of us having received the documents we are serving.

Reasons to use Thornton Legal as a Process Server in Wakefield:

1 – Thornton Legal’s testimonial section proves how well accomplished we are as Process Servers in Wakefield.

2 Recorded delivery post does not guarantee the documents will not be sent back as “not known at this address” or “addressee gone away”.

3 – A friend or courier may encounter problems of the person refusing to sign the documents and Thornton Legal is experienced in over coming this problem.

4 – Our experience as Process Servers in Wakefield means our local knowledge is very valuable in the cases we work on.

5 – If you post documents there is no proof they were ever received.

When we act as a Process Server in Wakefield jobs are charged at a fixed price. We charge £75 for the serving of documents plus £10 for the cost of preparing, swearing and posting the affidavit of service back to you. To see more about our costs please visit our costs page. References of our work as Process Servers in Yorkshire are available on request.

For more details on our Thornton Legal acting as your Process Server in Wakefield please call 01924 566409 or contact us.