Why use a process server?

It is very important that when dealing with legal issues, your legal documents are served in the correct manner.  

1. You may decide to post them but you would have no proof that the they were ever received.  

2. You may decide therefore, to send them recorded delivery, but the Defendant/Respondent could simply send them back as "addressee gone away" or                    "not known at this address".  

3. You may decide to use a local courier or friend to deliver them but what if the person has moved away or refuses to accept/sign for them.  

In almost every legal procedure, proof that the papers have been received by the Defendant/Respondent is needed for the legal process to continue and therefore without the use of a process server, this can delay the proceedings weeks or even months.  In our experience, we have found that having the papers personally served makes the Defendant/Respondent take the case a lot more seriously.  It is also important to ensure that all court orders and legal papers are served on time and served correctly in accordance with CPR rules.  An affidavit confirming the date and time the documents were served will be lodged at court prior to the hearing.  Another benefit of using a process server is that we are completely independent to the proceedings.  We are not biased as to what we say or do.  The statement of service (or affidavit when required) provided by a process server will carry more weight than a statement made by yourself, we are also happy to give evidence in court if required. 

Our services

Thornton Legal Services have over 25 years experience in process serving within the West Yorkshire area.  Over this time we have successfully served well over 10,000 legal documents, including family, matrimonial and criminal proceedings.  We have over 40 firms of local solicitors who regularly use our business in the service of documents along with the local authority who also instruct us on their behalf.  We can provide references if required.  We offer a quick, reliable and professional service to ensure your documents are served promptly and correctly in line with the Civil Procedure Rules (part 6).  Once we receive your documents the first visit will be made with 12 hours of receipt (quicker if required).  We ask that you provide us with information needed to help establish the best times of day to call and therefore keep the number of visits to a minimum.  We also ask for a detailed description (or photograph where possible) to help identify the target.  

You can email any documents to us at info@thorntonlegalservices.com or post the documents to our PO box address (on the contacts page).  If you prefer we can collect the documents from any solicitors office or court in the Yorkshire area.  See our page for costs.