Statements / Photographs / Enquiries

We offer a fixed fee service of £85.00 for obtaining statements within a 15 mile radius of Wf6 area of Wakefield.  This includes multiple visits where necessary.

Where efforts have been made to contact the witness and the witness refuses to provide a statements, then a fixed fee of £50.00 will be charged.  All mileage and time will be recorded and provided on the invoice.  

Other general enquiries are charged at £25.00 per hour and 45p/mile.  In some circumstances, limits can be placed on costs beforehand or a fee can be agreed before the work is carried out.

Services include:

  • all forms of witness statements obtained.
  • Road traffic accident (RTA's):  Locations can be photographed and measured, then we will provide a statement to support our findings.
  • Other general enquiries can be carried out in order to help build a defence case in criminal or civil cases.  
  • Door to door enquiries can be carried out to help gather evidence in any kind of case to locate potential witnesses
  • The tracing of potential witnesses is a service we offer.  see the "Tracing"tab for further details.
  • Serving legal documents and non-molestation orders.