• Are you looking for a lost family member?
  • Are you wanting a divorce but your husband/wife has moved address and you have no idea where they are to serve divorce papers on them?
  • Has your partner/spouse moved away with the children and you need to locate them to issue children proceedings?
  • Are you looking for a potential witness required to give material address in court but have no address in which to serve the summons or obtain a statement?

We provide a tracing service where any of the above can be located in order to either take statements or serve any legal documents.  We provide a "no trace no fee" service meaning if the respondent / witness is not located, there is no charge to yourself.    The cost of a trace, as long as we have the information stated below is £120.00 inclusive of all costs. There is no VAT.  

The minimum information required for us to attempt to trace is:

  1. Full name
  2. Date of birth
  3. Last known address

Traces can take on average 7 working days to complete, however we provide a service where by the information can be obtained within 24 hours at an extra cost. 

Please contact us for a quote.